Hi there! I am Jaimil Dalwadi.

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Name: Jaimil Dalwadi

Profile: Software Developer

Email: jaimildalwadi2003@gmail.com

Phone: (647) 982-0821

Motto: Life is short. Make memories, make an impact, make every moment worth it.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Written + Oral Communication
React.js & Next.js
About Me

As an everlasting learner, computer programmer, and quantum computing enthusiast, I am attempting to develop technologies for the greater good. By developing educational software, websites, AI technology, and security systems, I want to make the world a better place. I am experienced with computers, programming websites, competitive programming, and learning ethical hacking to provide security. By combining my passion for helping others and my endeavours with technologies, I hope to one day become an influential programmer. I am a first year student at the University of Waterloo, pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.

My Mission

True success in life is not determined by grades, money, or awards, but by happiness from the impact we have on the people we cross paths with, the memories we cherish, and the actions we take to make the world a more fun place for everyone.



Check out some of the projects I've worked on in the past!


Web Application / April 2020


Discord Bot / May 2021

Homebase Defence

Java Game / November 2020

Hack To Tomorrow

Hackathon Event Lead / March 2021

Network Malware

Ethical Hacking with Python / March 2021

Quantum Circuits

Quantum Computing in Qiskit / April 2021






Check out some of the roles I currently hold and worked as in the past.

Full Stack Developer
- Freelance

Over the past few years, I have been developing websites in various forms: Portfolios, Business Websites, Web Applications, and more. I am currently working remotely and helping local businesses build or enhance their websites. I have used HTML, CSS, JS, Google FireBase, Microsoft Azure, and several other APIs. I am also learning more frameworks at the moment and hosting + domain services. Feel free to contact me for rates.

Advisory Team + Tech Blogger - Youth Culture Inc.

As a Youth Advisory Team Member for Youth Culture Inc., I am working to provide all youth with professional internship opportunities within Canada, empower youth to share their opinions on the biggest and most important issues, presenting advice to Youth Culture Inc. regarding how to approach certain issues, and much more. I also write technology-related blogs for Youth Culture's website.

Front-End Web Developer - Speak Fluent

I am working with a team of 4 web-developers to build Speak Fluent's web application. As the front-end web developer, it is my duty to ensure users get the best experience and comfort possible when interacting with the app. To maintain functionality, I am also working to connect the back-end processing with the interactive front-end for a seamless experience. This is a summer internship from July 1, 2021 to August 30, 2021.

- Canadian Light Source

I worked with a team of like minded students at North Park Secondary School to prepare a research paper on water purity in Lake Ontario. We attempted to test the water for any impurities using the Canadian Light Source synchrotron in the SOTB project. See our findings in the seminar link below. We are currently working to spread awareness about this project and our findings.

Tutoring Assistant
- Kumon Canada Inc.

Answering student questions in regards to in-class math or English reading material, ranging from kindergarten level questions, all the way up to university level math. Marking student work, either in-class or from homework. Occasional Data Entry work, entering students' scores into designated system for analysis. Taught students aged 6-8 at Primary Learning Station.

Co-President and Co-Founder - North Park Hack Club

As one of the three co-presidents of my high school's Hack Club, I managed, led, and organized the club's events, members, and activities. We worked around COVID-19 this year and successfully managed everything virtually. I managed communications and logistics with my school, taught competitive hacking, web development, python, and I hosted the first hackathon at my school.